Monday, August 27, 2007

Darfur: when 'peacekeeping' means colonialism

It's true that an image can be worth a thousand words - just take a good look at the image above. It's a photograph of two UN Belgian troops who were caught trying to roast a Somali boy, yes, you got that right, ROAST him! This was an atrocity committed during the UN operation unfortunately entitled 'Restore Hope'. And what did these two 'peacekeeping' paratroopers receive for such a hideous crime? A month in prison, and the loss of a week’s wages.

Such crimes by UN troops in Third World countries are not isolated incidents, indeed, UN 'peacekeeping' forces, throughout the world are notorious for establishing such patterns of abuse. This is in fact a natural situation that foreign elite 'peacekeeping' forces find themselves in when confronted by events on the ground they cannot really begin to comprehend.

Of course, the boy in the photograph will never receive any real justice for the crime committed on him; this is mainly because UN forces are totally unaccountable to African people. The road that led UN troops to his home in Somalia was paved with so many good intentions by liberal interventionist in the West - all because such UN missions are deemed to be a good thing even if a 'few' Africans are brutalised on the way - this is what the people of Darfur have to look forward to.

Read on:

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At 9:22 AM, Blogger Sir James Robison said...

With you completely on this. Your last post about the Clooneys of the world showed the sickening reality. I've posted a few times on this issue and even got into an argument of sorts with an Arabic Sudanese.

This is one such post:

The UN is NOT a philanthropic organization - it is in Africa to colonize for global ends and they do not care about the indigenous population.

When I see comfortable westerners ponitificating on the issue, especially the sickening BBC, it makes the blood boil.

At 10:25 PM, Anonymous Courtney Hamilton said...

I can see it all now, a few years down the line when all the 'we must do something about Darfur' brigade turn around and say...


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