Monday, October 23, 2006

Romanians & Bulgarians, being treated like white niggers

Up until now, Britain, and the Irish Republic have allowed 'unlimited access' for migrants from European Union countries - not anymore.

Immigration to the UK, and Ireland, within the EU, has always been a hot issue ever since Poland joined the EU - however, the issue has taken a very disturbing turn for the worse. The Observer reports that the Home Secretary John Reid, will unveil plans to prevent thousands of people from Romania and Bulgaria coming to Britain to work.

In the past, draconian immigration laws were used to stop the flow of black immigration to the British Isles. Indeed, strict immigration laws were normally used as a way of keeping Britain all white, it also meant that new immigrants were seen as second-class citizens upon their arrival. These days however, politicians appear to bend over backwards by constantly reminding us that discussing restrictions on immigration 'is not racist'.

There are many leftists and liberals who seem to agree that restricting the right of free movement of undesirables like Romanians and Bulgarians is absolutely the best thing to do. Polly Toynbee argues that cheap imported labour actually serves to keep workers wages down - but as far as I'm concerned, such arguments are wrong and dangerous, they are what the revolutionary Russian leader Vladimir Lenin termed 'Social-Chauvinism'. If anything, workers have a common interest that transcend national borders. Pitting one section of the international workforce against another only serves to undermine international solidarity.

The notion that economic migrants from Eastern Europe are the sole reason why wages are low, actually lets New Labour and its Trade Unions off the hook. If workers' wages are low, then that is the fault of rubbish Trade Unions. Hostility towards an open door policy only reveals a profound hatred of freedom and the free movement of people. The demand to abolish all immigration controls is the only progressive answer to those who think the UK, and Ireland is 'full up' or being 'swamped' out.


At 5:59 PM, Anonymous Incitatus said...

I hear you. A very similar argument is hurled at the Mexican immigrant problem in the US. The irony is that if the US swollowed its nationalist pride and allowed mexicans to freely enter and contribute as legal members of American society, those immigrants would quickly expect and receive the same wages as their native neighbours. The only reason illegals get lower wages is because they can't easily form unions to push for improved wages without the threat of being ratted out to the feds.

The main argument against immigration IMHO is that it is indicative of a problem in the country of origin that would best be solved than allowed to deteriorate further. Mexico and its inherently racist/classist social structure being an obvious example. It isn't good for the cohesiveness of world society if all the poorer nations keep haemoraging professionals and skilled workers to their more affluent neighbours.

At 10:05 PM, Anonymous Pete in Dunbar said...

The key thing is that all this talk of restrictions is just so much lies, posturing and bluster - they can't stop EU citizens coming here - any EU citizen can travel to any other EU country. What they can do is stop them working legally - not stop them working of course, just make sure that they don't pay any taxes and are available for exploitation by criminals. Idiots.

At 12:13 AM, Anonymous Lucyp said...

Well said Courtney. I have never understood the argument that the influx of workers from east europe keeps the wages down and nobody has been able to explain it to me in a way that didn't make me walk away considering them a daily mail reader.

At 6:55 AM, Anonymous Ruth said...

I culdn't agree more with open borders. All this rubbish about immigration in the US too - California would grind to a halt if not for immigrants.

At 12:46 PM, Blogger Cheezy said...

I'm in favour of erring on the side of low immigration until such time as we get a halfway competent Home Office to oversee any more. I heard the other day that, after Poland was admitted to the EU, the Home Office had 'budgeted' for about 40 or 50 thousand extra immigrants from that part of the world. What they got was more than ten times that many. Now, some of the effects of this level of immigration are good. And some are bad. But, in my view, completely unlimited immigration would bring far too many problems along with it.

At 12:19 PM, Anonymous Ellee said...

You make some interesting points here, I also also written about this and the unfair low wages and asked why it is that the cruel and unscrupulous bosses are not penalised more? I don't see any abolition of immigration controls because we are an island and only have limited space and facilities.

At 9:22 PM, Blogger Roland Dodds said...

I will give it to you Courtney; you sure have a knack for volatile headlines! It is nice to see a no-nonsense approach.


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