Tuesday, August 29, 2006

In defense of BMW X5, and any other modern car

Ok, let's get a few things straight here, firstly, I do not work for BMW, nor do I own a BMW X5, nor am I being paid by BMW to post this. I'm defending BMW, and in particular its X5 range against the ever increasing luddite, childish, small-minded attacks being made on it from the Alliance Against Urban 4x4's, and Greenpeace.

The prejudice of the bike-riding, muesli eating greens knows no bounds - their attacks on big cars like the BMW X5 has nothing to do with combatting carbon emissions, but, everything to do with attacking the type of people who drive them. I've heard drivers of 'Chelsea tractors' being referred to as 'vulgar', 'greedy', and just plain 'selfish'. Greenpeace, in their lastest advertisment no longer mind their language, and simply calls anyone who drives such cars a 'prick'.

These days it seems very fashionable for Guardian reading, eco-worriers to have-a-go at drivers of BMW X5's, Range Rovers or any other large modern box shaped car for that matter, but why? The green luddite Stephen Tindale of Greenpeace thinks Rover bosses are nothing but 'climate criminals' and climate-wreckers - but, hold on a minute here, are BMW X5's and Range Rovers really causing so much 'climate' destruction? It's true that BMW X5's and Range Rovers do push out more CO2 than any car on the road - a quick spin for example in a Range Rover Turbo Diesel will release some 299g of CO2 per kilometre. However, one cycle of a household dishwasher (something that's not too amiss in many a posh home in Hampstead - the centre of eco-worshipping), produces a whopping 756g of CO2, that's twice more than a Range Rover. So, where are all the campaigns against climate wrecking dishwashers then?

A petrol lawnmower produces over 1,000g of CO2 for every hour of use. London buses produces some 1406g of CO2 per kilometre, but, these are not the target of organic food munching Greenpeace supporters. The real target of environmentalist anti 4x4 campaign is not the actual car itself, but, the driver, as graphically dipicted in Greenpeace's new ad - behind all the talk of ecological carnage and safety is pure middle-class eco-snobbery. Worst still, these backward environmentalist attacks are being made on what are technological cornerstones of our modern civilisation - the 4x4 car.

The current environmentalists 'war on 4x4's', is just as dodgy on facts as New Labour's war on terror. When you scratch underneath the surface of these campaigns against large cars, what you find is dodgy science and blatant, high-brow middle-class attacks on the aspirational working class, the very people who drive X5's and Range Rovers. Anyone from footballers, mums on school runs, to skilled labourers like carpenters and plumbers are the very people these activists are looking down their nose at. According to the organic munching and Guardian reading activists, these people are 'clinically insane', or 'a complete idiot' and 'irresponsible', but for what? For having lots of disposable income and ideas above their station.

If anything, the childish, PC snobbery of Greenpeace's new advert is certainly enough to make me want go out and buy a state-of-the-art BMW X5, or a Range Rover (if I could afford it).

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At 12:03 PM, Blogger Matt M said...

I want one.

Admittedly, I can't drive - but look at those doors! If it could fly (a la 'Back to the Future PtII') it would officially be my favourite car.

At 7:37 PM, Blogger Courtney Hamilton said...

That makes two of us.

Indeed, I wouldn't say no to a luxury BMW camp-van too (if they even make such a thing). I think I could live the CO2 production it might cause, if it means I could park-up somewhere in the Cote D'Azur's, open a bottle of Saint-Emilion wine, sit down on a leather sofa, and watch BBC News 24, and only have to move 15 yards from the steering wheel.

At 9:21 AM, Blogger The Intolerant One said...

Greenpeace? Ain't those the people who scream about clean and healthy enviorment's as they hold their protest banner's in one hand and a cigeratte in the other... Disposing of it on the ground while blowing smoke in your face?

As I am more partial too motorcycles, especially my Harley Davidson, I will say that when it come's to motorcycles..both performance and handling wise, BMW beats them all hands down. A fine built machine.

At 10:04 AM, Blogger Courtney Hamilton said...


Yep.. their the ones - the very same ones that go off jetting around the globe, sporting a better sun tan than myself, only to tell a world wide audience about the 'evils' of the aviation industry, and the dangers of too much sunbathing.

It's only a matter of time before they start accussing Harley Davidson riders of 'fuelling' the Middle East crisis and 'wrecking' the climate at the same time. I can almost here them saying; who in there right mind would buy such a gas guzzling motorcycle? How irresponsible is that?

At 8:01 PM, Anonymous Lucyp said...

I sense a very anti-environmentalist theme from you Courtney. Any reason why you are so against those of us who want to make the World a healthier, cleaner and nicer place to live?

At 8:03 PM, Anonymous Lucyp said...

PS...I think immigration into the UK is a good thing , if you do not then maybe we could divide up the next pro-anti question between us.


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