Friday, May 12, 2006

The BNP: is Britain really turning fascist?

New Labour and it's supporters seem to be under the impression that the spectra of fascism is haunting Britain today. The way the employment minister Margaret Hodge spoke about the white working-class in east London, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the Capital is currently over-run by thousands of swastika tatooed 'chavs' - who would like nothing better than to cause a major stink by voting for an extreme racist party. Note 'thousands' as opposed to 'millions', because, as far as I know, most people can't even be arsed to vote in Local elections anymore, let alone vote for the BNP. Indeed, Hodge's very own constituency of Barking has some of the lowest turnouts for voting in the UK.

So what was the point about hyping up the political 'threat' from the BNP? Since when has the BNP posed a significant challenge to the three main parties at the polls? More importantly, what kind of political strategy over exaggerates the strength of thier opponents? Well, it's certainly not the sort of stratergy that forged an empire, or fought two global wars, the kind of stratergy that has made this country what it is today, one of the best on earth.

The way Hodges spoke about the white working-class in east London, you'd think ordinary people from that area never had an honorable tradition of anti-racism - ever.

Hello there employment minister, but, where did you get that figure '8 out of 10' tempted to vote BNP from? That's totally ridiculous. It's as if the minister needs reminding that nobody even bothers to vote in Local elections, especially in Barking, and especially for her.

The truth is, due to all this free publicity, headed by Hodge, and backed up statistically by heavyweight institutions like the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust, will mean that the BNP's share of the measley vote will go up a notch or two.

And what about those people who do vote for the BNP? Are we supposed to believe that the white working-class who vote BNP in Barking are really just closet Hitlerites? No, I certainly don't think so - those people are former hardcore Labour voters, for years. New Labour can no longer convince it's own traditional constituency to turnout and vote for it anymore.

New Labour have been reduced to frightening people out of their wits as a good reason to vote for them, by blowing the BNP up out of all proportions. The New Labour project is dead, they are politically exhausted, they have no more ideas left, and financially their bankrupt. So pointing at the BNP, makes Hodge appear as one of the good-guys, as opposed to those evil monsters over there.

As for the BNP, as some have rightfully noted, you couldn't buy publicity like this even if they paid for it.


At 10:35 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

We are living in a fucked up age. Tower Hamlets reigned by a lying "socialist" idiot, BNP in Dagenham, New Labour is a pissing party, green is really green white England fascist, Lib Dem is a cocked up hyper liberal (again a very white movement), the tories pretend they are green behind their ears, oh man, and people wonder why I voted for an Independent, an Ethiopia descending honest man who got about 170 votes and was last on the list.

Political engagement means to speak out, talk out and bother about the borough and teh national politcis. Fair enough say many of my friends, we wen to protest against the war, and yet it was to no avail.... and they went on to vote for Labour two years or so later.

Some white people are in deed disenfrainchaised. Nobody gives a fuck if you have no money, funny ideas how you have some sort of right to sit here and do nothing, claim benefit, cause this is "my country". But they come here and take all the jobs and benefits. What a comfy world to blame others, when the world is shit for many on both sides of the colour coded estates in the far far East.... of London. May some force prevent that they stop theor blindness and unite in recognising that they have a common cause against political sell out. For that would be in deed true revolutionary. Awaiting the Haitian Revolution of East London.... Daniel
(hope I made some sense.. if not let me be clear BNP is brown diahorea (i can spell that but I am a fu****g foreigner Jewish and German at the same time)

At 2:22 PM, Blogger Roland Dodds said...

This is a great piece. Across the pond we have the same problem: people making a big deal out of some small extremist group/party. The way people organize against 6 Nazi-skin heads protesting outside a government building is ridiculous.
These folks do not have support of even a fraction of our peoples. Giving them lip service by claiming they represent a large portion of society is a foolish misrepresentation.


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