Thursday, July 13, 2006

Peter Tatchell: the real threat to free speech

"Does free speech include the right to encourage racist and homophobic murder? Asks Peter Tatchell in an article he wrote on comment is free - well... the answer to that is 'yes, it does'. As far as I'm concerned, music, in and of itself, is a straight issue of free speech. We either have the right to play, sing or listen to whatever music takes our fancy, or we don't have that right. It's as simple as that.
Alternatively, we could have a new 'free speech aparthied', which is what Tatchell, and the rest of his ban-happy-mob really wants, but, they are so dishonest, they wouldn't openly admit that. Tatchell, and his followers of cronies apparently do believe in the idea that free speech is a worthy cause, so long as they have made their approval of it first. If they don't approve, then they do what they did last week, and run to the police to stamp over somebody else's right to free speech. As Brendan O'Neill quite rightly argues, Tatchell, and his band of free-speech-is-ok-but floozies 'have no shame' in begging the police to clamp down on black peoples rights and freedoms.


At 9:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The idea that Peter Tatchell's hatred is of 'black people' rather than of homophobia is frankly ludicrous. Unless you are saying that black people are racially, genetically, intrinsically, more homophobic than other racial groups. If you are saying that, I fear you are more racist than he is.

At 10:57 PM, Blogger Courtney Hamilton said...

No, I haven't said that Tatchell hate's black people, what has made me angry is the fact that he is actively targeting black music.

I don't know about you Baby, but when it comes to the right to free speech, I'm a raving fundamentalist. I believe that the BNP, KKK or any other bunch of red-necks have the absolute right to say what ever they like. I believe it's imperative that everyone should have the right to sing whatever song they want, regardless of whether or not we object to it's lyrical content.

In any case, this whole debate isn't even about Tatchell, or 'homophobia' (of which I don't believe such a thing exists), or even Buju Banton - it's actually about me, as far as I'm concerned, it's about what I can and can't listen too - and if I'm not free to listen to Buju Banton, then really, am I really free at all?

Tatchell has serious reservations about really standing up for real freedom of speech - I don't. I think what we need is a political cuture that demands more freedom, not less.

I've been an anti-racist all my life, I was actively involved with East London Workers Against Racism throughout the 90's, that sometime ment physically defending Bangladeshi immigrants and their homes from racist attacks in housing estates on the Isle of Dogs. The writer Kenan Malik was in charge was in charge of ELWAR back then.

The only problem I can see between you and me, is the use of the word 'homophobia' which, to me, has little meaning for me because I don't think there's such thing. I do not believe that some people have a psychological fear of homosexuals, such a condition does not exist.

At 2:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ah well. i think homophobia exists. I think he is targeting homophobic music. It just so happens quite a lot of it originates from Jamaican at the minute. Don't think we'll agree on that. But even if it isn't caused by a psychological fear, which I think it is, surely you agree that a pure and nasty hatred of gay people abounds?

Off-topic, Buju Banton is shit anyway. Get yourself some Barrington Levy on, sit back and enjoy.


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